A downloadable Masterpiece for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This project is a submission to both the Brackey's Jam 2020 and the Low Rez Jam 2020 

The game is basically Chess but each pieces has it's own Super Powers (Lasers, Rewinding time, Pushing foes back, ....). You can also play with 4 players on a bigger and even more crazy board!

Post Jam Update:

  • Small bug fixes
  • Little tweaks (horse power)
  • "Tutorial" Info page for each piece
  • More builds for more OSs


4 player mode

Play 4 player mode locally or even online

The game support discord invites to play online with your friends :Discord Invites

Invite your friends simply with the press of a button on discord

Hope You will enjoy my game and best of Luck to win those tasty online Battles! 

P.S: Join the game discord server here.

Install instructions

Unfortunately, The Mac and Linux builds haven't been tested and can have game breaking flaws (ex: discord rich presence not supported) which my cause the game to be unplayable. :(

Sorry in advance if it is the case...


Super Chess Jam 17 MB
Super Chess Post Jam Android 25 MB
SuperChess Post Jam Windows 19 MB
Super Chess Post Jam Linux 22 MB
Super Chess.Post Jam MacOS 20 MB

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